Landing Page Strategy: The Complete Guide

What Is a Landing Page?

  • Verify customer demographics?
  • Get new subscribers for your newsletter?
  • Encourage visitors to share on social media?
  • Lead visitors to a new offer?
  • Invite people to an event?
  • Do something else entirely?

1. The lead capture page

  1. A headline with a strong message match
  2. Conversion-centered design
  3. Appropriate media choice
  4. Intro with bullet points
  5. Urgency factors
  6. Trust factors

2. The click-through page

  • Named benefits further communicate the concept of “getting more done, for less.”
  • Not one but TWO free and quick product demos
  • Success metrics from past customers
  • Ready-made templates
  • Success stories

3. The splash page

  • Communicate important information such as language, region, and cookies
  • Verify a visitor’s age
  • Promote a new product
  • Advertise a discount
  • Offer inspiration

Customizing Your Pages by Audience

Writing Landing Page Copy

Designing Your Landing Pages

First horizontal swipe

Second horizontal swipe

Final vertical swipe

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Analytics

  • Add new resources.
  • Add new images.
  • Update copy.
  • User search intent
  • Page structure
  • Page load time
  1. Limit redirects.
  2. Cache your web pages.
  3. Limit plugins and visitor ID scripts.
  4. Compress high-quality images to be below 1MB.
  5. Place Javascript and CSS elements in external files.

Driving More Traffic to Your Page

Build. Optimize. Convert.



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