By Carla Lynn, Content Creator at Unbounce

Rey Skywalker. Bilbo Baggins. Harry Potter.

What do these cult-classic heroes all have in common? Kick-ass origin stories.

The same goes for marketers. It’s fascinating to learn how the marketing heroes of today became the pros we all know, love, and aspire to be.

Enter Daniel Parscale, marketing specialist and PPC extraordinaire. As the digital marketing strategist for CD Baby, he regularly sees double-digit conversion rates in his landing page campaigns. We’re talking about conversion rates upwards of 37%, lasting months at a time. …

Over the past year, lots of small businesses have struggled to carve out space for themselves in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. Even those that weren’t directly impacted by the pandemic are often quick to admit: It’s never been harder to attract and convert visitors online.

The reality, though, is the global health crisis only accelerated a trend we’ve seen developing for years. Your visitors have more options than ever. They’re bouncing more and converting less.

When we first started Unbounce, we pioneered the landing page space by educating marketers on a simple truth: Sending your traffic to a dedicated…

By Kaarle Varkki, Contributor at Unbounce

Was the dress black and blue, or white and gold? (Oh no, not this again …)

Yep, we’re about to dig up the ol’ viral perception conundrum, and you’d be surprised how much our eyes (and how they process info) play a role in landing page design and conversion lift.

Landing pages are supposed to be clear. Optical illusions are the opposite of that. So how the heck can they help you boost landing page conversions?

Let’s first answer another question: Which animal do you see in the image below?

By Melanie Deziel, Contributor at Unbounce

Most marketers understand the importance of customer research. Still, when it comes to creating a complete profile of our audience using data, it’s tough to know where to begin.

The most common starting point is demographic data: who our customers are, from age to sex, race, marital status, and income level.

Demographic data can be incredibly helpful. But sometimes we need more.

By Colin Loughran and Garrett Hughes at Unbounce

You might’ve noticed that 2020 was an interesting year for marketing. (Yeah, that’s the word for it. Interesting.)

For some marketers, the effects of a global health crisis felt (and continue to feel) insurmountable.

For others, the pandemic encouraged creative thinking to take advantage of new opportunities. There are even a lucky few marketers who hardly noticed it-at least in terms of their conversions. And an even luckier few benefited directly. (That elusive product-market fit just kinda works itself out when you’re peddling business casual pajamas.)

The truth, though, is that the…

By Carla Lynn, Content Creator at Unbounce

Yep, the rumors are true.

Paid advertising is about to change in a big way.

With Apple’s latest iOS update, iPhone users will be able to opt-out of behavioral and demographic tracking on apps. (Heck, they’re invited to opt out.) Assuming that most folks will choose to keep their data private, these people will essentially become ghosts when it comes to PPC campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Okay, just breathe. Woosah. Count to 10.

You’re gonna be just fine. Your campaigns are gonna be just fine.

We reached out to digital…

By Josh Gallant, Contributor at Unbounce

You’ve probably heard this more than a few times on your favorite marketing podcast:

“Add some social proof.”

There’s a good reason it’s repeated so often: When you use compelling social proof on your landing pages, you can more than double your conversion rate.

You may be wondering, “What the heck is social proof and how can I get in on these juicy conversions?”

Let’s get rolling.

What Is Social Proof and Why Should You Care?

Social proof is evidence that shows people approve of your product or service:

  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Social media support and mentions
  • Case studies

Here’s how social proof…

By Emily Bauer, Contributor at Unbounce

Here goes: the secret to writing great landing page headlines is …

*dramatic pause*

just kidding! That would be way too easy.

Sadly, there aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to writing effective landing page headlines. You need to put in the work, figure out how it fits into your campaign, and understand your audience to pull it off.

In other words, there’s no single right way to write a landing page headline.

But the good news is that there are certain time-tested headline formulas you can rely on to better connect with…

By Emily Bauer, Contributor at Unbounce

Shower thought: Where do marketers’ *best* landing page ideas come from? Wait-do they get them in the shower?

While some marketers might have their own personal muse, mantra, or go-to sources of inspiration (a lucky shampoo, maybe?), the rest of us are just kinda hoping for something to come to us. And although inspiration can strike at any moment, we don’t always have the time to wait around for it to show up.

So, rather than hoping your next big landing page idea will manifest on its own, we decided to put together a…

By Emily Bauer, Contributor at Unbounce

Hellooo? Anybody out there?

Sometimes, posting on social media can feel like shouting into a void-especially on a high-volume, short-form medium like Twitter.

You pour time and resources into building an audience, curating and crafting interesting content, and hope your message doesn’t get lost in the mix. You might run paid campaigns to target a specific type of follower with a specific type of message in the hopes that they’ll give you a click.

But with increasing competition for your followers’ finite attention span, getting people to tap on your link is an achievement…


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